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Dr. Kunal Gandhi Announces the Opening of Gandhi Health & Wellness

January 15, 2024


In a pioneering venture set to redefine healthcare, Dr. Kunal Gandhi proudly introduces the forthcoming launch of Gandhi Health & Wellness, an innovative clinic that seamlessly merges primary care and functional medicine. While currently under construction and anticipating a late spring opening, the clinic is actively accepting patients via telemedicine.

With a rich background as a board-certified primary care physician, Dr. Gandhi's exploration of functional medicine stems from a desire for a more comprehensive healing approach. After years of dedicated practice, she is now on the brink of realizing a long-held dream—to bring functional medicine and primary care together in a harmonious blend at Gandhi Health & Wellness.

A Visionary Blend of Primary Care and Functional Medicine  

Gandhi Health & Wellness is set to be a hub for comprehensive healthcare, focusing on biohacking, hormones, autoimmune issues, longevity and more. Dr. Gandhi, drawing from traditional and natural medicine, guides patients towards reclaiming their health by addressing the root cause of medical concerns.

"Opening Gandhi Health & Wellness has been a dream and vision for many years," shares Dr. Kunal Gandhi. "Functional medicine looks at the whole person, considering lifestyle, environment and mental well-being. Our clinic aims to provide personalized, integrative care that explores the intricate connections between genetics, epigenetics and environmental factors shaping long-term health and chronic disease."

Empowering the Community Through Education  

Beyond treatment, the clinic stands as an educational platform and source of empowerment for the community. "Our goal is to provide knowledge and tools for individuals to take active ownership of their health," notes Dr. Gandhi. "Together, we embark on a journey of wellness, tapping into the incredible ability we all possess to self-heal."

Accepting Patients Ahead of Spring Opening—Including Telemedicine Appointments  

Although still under construction, Gandhi Health & Wellness is currently accepting patients via telemedicine in anticipation of its grand opening in late spring. The clinic, situated in Boynton Beach, South Florida, extends a warm welcome to patients from near and far.

Peptide Therapy and IV Therapy  

In addition to the comprehensive services mentioned earlier, Gandhi Health & Wellness will proudly offer peptide therapy and IV therapy. These additional modalities aim to provide patients with advanced and personalized treatment options for enhanced well-being.

"As we open the doors of Gandhi Health & Wellness, I am thrilled to invite patients to join us on this transformative healthcare journey. While our clinic is under construction, we are actively accepting patients via telemedicine, offering comprehensive care that empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being."

To schedule a telemedicine appointment or learn more about Gandhi Health & Wellness, please contact 561-247-3311.  

About Dr. Kunal Gandhi  

Dr. Kunal Gandhi is a board-certified primary care physician with a profound passion for integrative and functional medicine. With years of experience in primary care and functional medicine, Dr. Gandhi's dedication to exploring the integrative and holistic aspects of medicine has led to the establishment of Gandhi Health & Wellness—a clinic committed to revolutionizing healthcare by seamlessly merging primary care with functional medicine.

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