We believe in the impact of primary care and functional medicine

I am on a mission to heal you through functional medicine. My extensive training in primary care and functional medicine has fueled a deep passion for an integrative, holistic and preventative approach.

By merging traditional and holistic medicine, I guide my patients to take control of their health, reverse chronic conditions and activate self-healing at a cellular level.
Our approach examines you as a whole—considering genetics, lifestyle, environmental and mental well-being—avoiding the isolation of symptoms.

This journey has taught me the profound ability we have to self-heal. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge, resources and tools needed to seize control of your health.

We are committed to nurturing our patients along their 
journey to optimal health.
Dr. Kunal P. Gandhi, MD

Board Certified Primary Care Physician

What our patients say about our holistic approach and personalized care

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